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Mechanical Lab: Bend Test

The bend (flexure) test is used to verify the ductility of the material. If the material does not fracture after bending (automatic failure), the piece is visually checked by the unaided eye for cracking or other surface irregularities. Tests are routinely done on plates, coils, and weld plates (face, root, or side bends). 

Types of bend tests include:

  • Guided Bend
  • Semi-Guided Bend
  • Free Bend
  • Bend and Flatten
  • Wrap Around

Some of the bend test methods utilized includes ASTM E190 and E290, ASME Section IX, and AWS D1.1.

Adhesion or Coating Bends are also performed.

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Specialized testing and services include consulting, failure analysis, reverse engineering service, fastener testing, scanning electron microscopy, welder qualification, materials and process problem solving,and miscellaneous tests on non-metallic materials.

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