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Intergranular Attack (IGA)

Intergranular attack (IGA) is a form of corrosion where the boundaries of grains of the material are more susceptible to corrosion than their insides. ASTM A262 is the specification used to detect susceptibility to IGA in austenitic stainless steels. Certain grades (extra low Carbon grades & stabilized grades, such as 304L, 316L, 317L, 321, & 347) require the coupon be sensitized prior to testing.

Two common procedures that Tensile Testing routinely performs are Methods A & E:

Method A is a rapid screening where the test specimen is etched in 10% oxalic acid at 1 A/cm2 for 1.5 minutes, then examined at 500X. If the sample has an acceptable etch structure then the sample is considered good and no further testing is necessary.

Method E calls for the test coupon to be immersed in a boiling aqueous solution of acidified copper/copper sulfate for 15 hours minimum with subsequent bending developing no cracks or other evidence of disintegration. 

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Specialized testing and services include consulting, failure analysis, reverse engineering service, fastener testing, scanning electron microscopy, welder qualification, materials and process problem solving,and miscellaneous tests on non-metallic materials.

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