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Tensile Testing
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Industries Served: Wire

Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory tests wire or rod full size or wire mesh from very thin to about 2 1/2" in diameter or 400K capacity.

For the best results, when sending in material allow for approximately 3 ft. for thinner wire and 18 in. for rod.

The following information is needed for testing:

  • Gage Length required (2", 10" etc.)
  • Properties required (ultimate tensile only, yield, elongation, and/or reduction of area).

Common Tests

  • Tensile
  • Full Size Wire
  • Wrap Test
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Kel-Melt
  • Coating Anaylsis

Specialized testing and services include consulting, failure analysis, reverse engineering service, fastener testing, scanning electron microscopy, welder qualification, materials and process problem solving,and miscellaneous tests on non-metallic materials.

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